Hollis Visualizations is a design studio that caters to solving complex biomedical communication problems through effective visual solutions.


Jennifer Hollis is a biomedical designer and graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), where she earned a Master of Science in Biomedical Visualization. From an early age, she has always been curious about the body in which we live in and the world around us. She attended Indiana University, where she was able to cultivate that curiosity while earning a B.S. in Kinesiology and Minor in Biology.

While pursuing her studies, Jennifer satisfied her thirst for art through creative outlets such as dance, creative writing, and fine arts. Little did she know the impact art would ultimately have on her future.

Following her bachelors degree, Jennifer worked over 5 years at Eli Lilly & Co., one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. During this time, she discovered the world of medical illustration and knew it was the career combining art and science that she desired.

Currently, Jennifer continues to explore her passion for dance by producing an interactive exhibit to educate the general public on dance's beneficial effects on cognitive function. With further research and development, this research may have future implications on neuro-rehabilitation for cognitive impairments in aging or trauma. This work will be the foundation by which she intends to springboard her career as a trusted resource for delivering accurate and compelling visuals suited to clarify complex biomedical concepts.